Lerato Maimela
Digital Journalist
2 minute read
1 Jul 2021
9:48 am

WATCH: Somizi mouses around with a rat in his home

Lerato Maimela

Who would have thought that it would take a humble rodent to get Somizi singing, screaming and wanting to pack his bags?

It’s never a dull moment in the life of Somizi, as the actor and television personality took to Instagram to post a video of himself singing in fear as he deals with a rat that made its way into his home and under his fridge.

The 1 minute and 42 seconds video showcases Somizi spotting the rat in a corner in his kitchen, explaining he does not know how it got in and he had already locked his garage doors and the door leading to the garage.

“There’s a rat, there’s a rat and I’ve locked the door to the garage and ngiyayisaba igundwane. Oh Nkosiyam,” he sings.


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The Idols SA judge continues to sing and question how will he be able to sleep with a rat in his home. He then says he left the townships because he was running away from rats and did not expect to deal with them in the suburbs.

“Yoh, ngiyolala kanjane kune’ngundwane. Ngasuka e lokishini ngibalekela amagundwane,” says Somgaga.

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In his attempt to open the garage door to allow the rat to leave his house, the rodent dashed into his kitchen and made its way under his Smeg fridge.

Somgaga continues to sing in fear and ask how he is going to deal with the situation.

The actor recently took to social media to share the experiences he has had at Pride marches. He feels Pride marches showcase racism, classism and fake inclusivity.

“I have always had an issue with this Joburg Pride and Cape Town Pride.  I have always had an issue because I find it not to be inclusive at all. From the outside it looks inclusive because when we march there’s Blacks, Indians, there’s Whites, but deep down there isn’t inclusivity,” Somizi said.


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