Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
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10 Nov 2021
2:48 pm

Matric rage takes a ‘no vax, no entry’ policy for 2021

Kaunda Selisho

Matric rage will need to comply with all Covid-19 regulations, conditions of the Sasria eventing Act and the Disaster Management Act.

Matric Rage events such as in Ballito have been superspreader events and significantly contributed to the second wave of Covid-19 infections. Picture: Knysna-Plett Herald

After causing quite the scandal last year, matric rage has taken a firm “no vax, no entry” policy for their 2021 event set to take place from 30 November to 6 December.

“Ballito Rage 2021 and sister event, Plett Rage 2021 have both taken a firm no vax,no entry policy for 2021. The festivals intend to function as vehicles for positive mindset change, encouraging SA’s youth to be proud members of their community and get vaccinated against Covid-19 so that together we can rise from the horrors of the last two years,” said organisers in a statement. 

In addition to the vaccine policy, guests and staff at matric rage will need to undergo two rapid antigen tests onsite prior to entry on the first day of arrival and the third day of attendance.

Matric rage guests and staff will also need to comply with all Covid-19 regulations on-site as per national guidelines.

In addition to complying with Covid-19 regulations, the event will need to comply with all conditions of the Sasria eventing act as well as whatever restrictions pertain to gatherings under the Disaster Management Act at the time of hosting the event. 

As such, the festival is strictly limited to 2,000 people.

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Organisers G&G Productions also expressed their joy at receiving an official letter of support from the KwaDukuza Municipality. 

“The support is a fabulous step forward for the industry. The festival organisers are collaborating very closely with all departments including an extensive task team from the KZN department of health to bring the beloved festival, smartly and safely to light,” said G&G Productions. 

“It is so fantastic to have such overwhelming support from the local authorities in KZN. Forward-thinking teams from both the KwaDukuza Tourism and Events Office as well as the KZN Department of Health are walking with us every step of the way, no stone is being left unturned,” added Greg Walsh, CEO of the Rage Festival Group. 

“It’s a team effort to do this right and restore our reputation.”

Organisers also released the official lineup for 2021 as well the full list of rage events and their dress codes which can be found on their website. 

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