Leigh Crymble
2 minute read
15 Jan 2015
12:00 pm

The Lo Down: Local trends forecast for 2015

Leigh Crymble

Hand-crafted accessories; sheer fabrics; comfortable shoes – these are the three main fashion trends set to dominate South Africa in the coming months.

Alan Foley and Krishen Samuel. Picture: Supplied.

We sat down with style experts Alan Foley and Krishen Samuel to find out what’s in store for 2015.

1970 inspiration – a focus on craftwork

“2015 will showcase a throwback to seventies-inspired fashion,” begins Foley.

“We will see typical seventies fashion with a twist: high-waisted pants and skirts, more flair in the leg of pants, and roomy denims.”

Samuel adds: “This will influence the hair, too, which will be much wilder, while make-up will be more natural: a barely-there look with dewy skin.”

Top tips: Embrace leather, suede, and embellished denim. Also stock up on hand-crafted elements, including tassels, beading, and knitted wear.


Transparency – the year for sheer

According to the fashion duo, 2015 is the year for sheer fabrics, “which glide effortlessly over the body”, says Foley.

“We thought the trend of see-through clothing might be too risqué for the largely conservative South African market,” says Samuel, “but two local celebs recently arrived at the Channel O awards in full-length sheer gowns and received rave reviews.”

Top tips: Opt for sheer overlays or tastefully revealing outfits in white – a major colour for 2015.


Practicality – comfort is paramount

Functionality is going to become the buzz word for 2015: clothing will be practical and comfortable without sacrificing style, predict Foley and Samuel.

“The deconstructed look will be prominent: soft trench coats, more flowing fabric, kimono-style coats, oversized clothing with strong Asian elements – particularly for fashion-forward men,” stresses Foley.

Top tips: In terms of footwear, prioritise comfort above all else: sandals and sliders will be even more popular, and there will be an increased presence of sporty footwear.


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