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Conflict couture: Jewellery stops the cycle of violence

Designer Rafi Anteby has a created a range that uses empty bullet shells to make trendy pendants.

Did you know that bullet casings are often collected and re-used as ammunition? However, a clever jewellery designer is stopping this deadly cycle in its tracks by creating pendants out of used shells.

Having grown up in Israel, Rafi Anteby, the brains behind Bullets4Peace, is no stranger to the destructive effects of guns. However, the death of a close friend in a shooting incident in South Africa motivated Anteby to take his artistic talents to the next level, making it his mission and life’s work to help combat and create awareness surrounding such devastating acts of violence.

Bullets 5“The severity of gun violence in the country and my personal experience has encouraged me to focus my efforts on South Africa.

“My aim of educating people on the effects of gun violence through Bullets4Peace has gained immense traction globally, and we would like to mobilise local support to continue spreading the message of peace,” says Anteby.

The latest figures released by South African Police Service (SAPS) in September indicated that there was an increase the number of murders from 43 to 45 in a day, roughly a total of  16 425 murders for the period April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013.

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Even though not all of the murders can be attributed to shootings, these statistics do indicate that many South Africans will at some point experience gun violence, often with tragic consequences.

The stylish Bullets4Peace pendants are now available in South Africa.

Supported by international celebrities like Jamie Foxx, Beyoncé and Eva Longoria, this is jewellery with a conscience. Transforming a bullet casing into an iconic piece of jewellery ensures that it can’t be refuelled to kill again.



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