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25 May 2021
7:43 pm

Are you ready for black & white hair à la Cruella De Vil?


Who would have thought that Cruella De Vil , the evil character as portrayed by Disney , could become a genuine source of inspiration for the beauty world?

The "Cruella" movie starring Emma Stone is slated for May 28 release in the US.

Her famous black-and-white hair colour is proving a hit on social media, inspiring women around the world to try a two-tone look with hairstyles each more bold than the next.

Craig Gillespie’s “Cruella” movie, out May 28 in the US, looks back at the younger days of Cruella De Vil, played by Emma Stone as you’ve never seen her before.

The American actress evidently sports the legendary two-tone hair colour of the “101 Dalmatians” character — half black, half white — in a short curly style.

And this colour effect has been going down a storm on social media in the last few days, where a growing number of users are trying it out for themselves.

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Time to go bold

After months of lockdowns and restrictions, the time seems to have come to go bold, extravagant, all-out, both in fashion and in beauty.

Colours are more vibrant, patterns liven up looks, and hair dye is about more than just covering grays. So it’s in with pink, neon hues, turquoise, or any other color that shows loud and proud that life is getting back on track.

But if there’s one hair colour effect that no one saw coming, it’s the black-and-white Cruella dye-job, separated by a perfect center parting. This has given rise to all kinds of interpretations, spin-offs and customs versions on social media.

While some opted for a cut and colour just like Cruella De Vil, with one half black and one half white — whether on long or short cuts and curly, wavy or straight — others have “customized” the two-tone effect with their own twist.

And there’s something for everyone: black on white or white on black, worn with hair down or up, not to mention black hair with white or platinum blonde tips.

Some are also having fun with colour, opting for more rock ‘n’ roll versions of the two-tone look, with brown or black hair contrasting with fluorescent shades, red or silver — whether on half the head, on the tips or even just the roots.

In some way, Selena Gomez sported her own version of the trend with platinum blonde hair and very dark roots — an image that could tempt more than one to take the plunge.

It just remains to be seen whether people, like beauty influencers, are really ready to embrace this bold colour combination, which could prove a big hit this summer — the season of all kinds of extravagance.