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27 May 2022
3:32 pm

Daily hacks: How to get fuller, plump lips in a flash

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Pouting her fuller and plum lips. Picture: iStock

Why resort to botox injections when a simple lip liner can help you achieve full, luscious lips?

A New York make-up artist by the name of Kelli Anne Sewell recently revealed the ultimate trick to make lips look fuller, giving them a plumped-up look with no need for surgery or other procedures. And it’s a tip that quickly went viral on TikTok.

At a time when Botox injections are on the rise – and the source of various misconceptions on social media – any tips that help boost the volume of lips without resorting to cosmetic procedures can only be welcome.

And, thankfully, TikTok users are so fond of these kinds of hacks that they can soon turn simple beauty tips into viral fashion trends.

The latest, seen tens of thousands of times on the social network, offers a low-cost means of achieving fuller lips with minimal effort and no need for surgery. Meet ‘gym lips’.

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Viewed more than 20,000 times in less than two months, this tip from make-up artist Kelli Anne Sewell seems to be a hit with users of the Chinese social network, or so suggest the numerous comments on her post.

And it’s clear that this beauty trick does not require much, just a lip liner, a moisturizer, a lip balm or a gloss, and – as is always the case with make-up tricks – a little dexterity.

To achieve this natural volume effect, simply apply a lip pencil in the same colour as your lips – so far, nothing complicated. Draw the outline of your lips, going over the edge slightly, and then fill them in.

Once you’re done with this first step, simply apply the moisturiser or gloss to your lips and spread it out evenly and carefully over your mouth. And that’s it: your lips will be looking naturally plump in just two minutes.

@makeupxka let’s bring gym lips to tik tok lmao #gymlips my go to liner is @Kevyn Aucoin in divine or @ABH Cosmetics ♬ original sound – Kelli Anne Sewell

As often with TikTok, this is by no means a revolutionary beauty trick, but it’s one that’s still worth sharing, especially if it can help avoid sometimes unnecessary injections.

In fact, ‘gym lips’ is actually a variant of another trick spotted on the social network at the end of 2021, and known under the hashtag #lipliftbymario.

This involved drawing the outline of the lips with a pencil, then filling in using a lipstick of the same shade, or a slightly lighter shade, for optimal results.