Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
2 minute read
15 Jun 2022
5:15 pm

Kim Kardashian under fire for ‘ruining’ Marylin Monroe’s dress

Kaunda Selisho

Kim Kardashian and her butt have been blamed for damage to the fabric on the back of Marylin Monroe's 'happy birthday Mr. President' dress.

An image showing the damage to Marylin Monroe's "Happy Birthday mr. President" dress after Kim Kardashian wore it | Picture: Twitter

Reality television sensation Kim Kardashian is under fire from fashion lovers across the world, after it was revealed that the Marylin Monroe dress that she wore to the Met Gala has suffered some damage.

Images of the back of the dress went viral online, showing damage from stretching around the zip area and it was reported that some of the crystals originally attached to the dress had started to fall off.

It also looked as though the seams in the upper back part of the dress had been stretched and left looking distressed. 

Watch as Kim Kardashian tries to squeeze herself into Marylin Monroe’s ‘happy birthday Mr. President’ dress:

A lot of the people who are upset by the revelation have questioned why Kim couldn’t just wear the replica she had made of the iconic Marylin Monroe dress, instead of wearing the original. The dress was made of a rare fabric that was imported to the United States for Monroe to wear to an event where she iconically sang “Happy Birthday” to former U.S. president John F. Kennedy.

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Apart from the fact that the dress is old and that the fabric may have not been able to withstand modern weather conditions on the night of the Met Gala, people have also taken exception to the fact that the dress was originally made to fit Marylin and was sewn on to her body just moments before she attended the event she had it made for.

Kim has a markedly different body type to Marylin and fans had been concerned that she would not be able to fit in the dress because of this.

Around the time of the Met Gala, Kim also made headlines for losing a significant amount of weight just to fit into the dress, and all that weight loss seems to have been for nought as evidenced by a TMZ video showing her struggling to fit in the original dress.

Others have discounted the concerns raised about the dress due to the perception that fashion and celebrity culture are considered frivolous.

Historians and costume historians have argued for the historical significance of the dress, which they hoped would have been preserved in its original state, and have labelled the damage to the dress a travesty.