Get a back-from-the-beach look with this nifty hair-colouring hack

Whether you want to try a new look, or to rock highlights like you're fresh back from vacation (even though you didn't necessarily go anywhere), then the 'Scandinavian hairline' is for you!

Blonder than blonde, and above all radiant: that’s the promise of the ‘Scandinavian hairline’ technique, also found on TikTok under the name ‘scandi hairline.’ It’s a specific hair coloration method designed to revive any shade of blonde, naturally giving a luminous effect while brightening the face – and all without having to spend hours under a ton of cellophane waiting for the color to set at your favorite stylist’s salon. The technique has spread like wildfire on the Chinese social network, racking up over 130 million views to date. And while it seems to be aimed solely at those with blonde hair, it now appears that brunettes and redheads are starting to adapt and adopt the trend in their own way.

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Focus on ‘baby hair’

Unlike traditional coloUring techniques, or even classic balayage or highlights, there’s no question of applying the (de)coloUring product to all or most of the hair. This method focuses primarily on so-called ‘baby hair,’ those short, fine, untamable hairs that surround the face, mainly on the forehead and nape of the neck. It’s essentially a question of coloUring these few hairs, as well as, depending on the version, the roots of the longer hair around the face. The idea is to create a circular luminous zone that will enhance the complexion – and more.

@higuysitskim FACE PAINTING TUTORIAL 👇🏼 – 💕 Only do this on a level 7 – 10 💕 If you think your section is thin go thinner 💕 Keep a close eye on the processing 💕 Use a lightner that womt swell – i used clay and 6% for 20 to 30 mins – #blondetutorial #@Wella Professionals #scandanavianblonde #scandihairline #blondeeducation #educationforhairdressers #hairtutorial ♬ original sound – Kim haberley

As with contouring or highlighting in makeup, the ‘Scandinavian hairline’ seeks to play with light, and thus create an optical effect. By lightening this specific area, the hair appears blonder and, above all, brighter and more luminous, like after a summer in the sun.

It’s no coincidence that this trend is going viral at a time when many people are returning from vacation (and South Africans gearing up for their summer vacations), as this effect is particularly sought-after at the start of the new school year. An important detail is that the technique is fast and effective, not only because there’s so little hair to colour, but also because the hair is so fine. While social media users don’t really talk about how much the technique might cost to get done in a salon, you’d expect it to be less expensive than conventional hair coloruing.

A trip to the salon

While most of the tips and tricks shared on TikTok are designed to make day-to-day life easier for users, and can therefore be recreated at home, it’s advisable to visit a professional hairdresser to get the ‘Scandinavian hairline.’ While all hair coloration techniques require special precautions to be taken, this is all the more the case here as the product comes into direct contact with the skin. And that’s not to be taken lightly. A quick scroll through the Chinese social network reveals that the overwhelming majority of users who have tried out this look have done so at their favourite hair salon.

As you’ll have gathered from the name alone, this method is essentially designed for those with blonde hair, regardless of whether their shade is natural or otherwise, or even if they already have highlights or a balayage. It can adapt to suit anything. Above all, it seems to have already won over brunettes and redheads, who are trying it out and adopting it with products suited to their own hair colour. As such, it could well be that this is just the start of the trend, which could gradually establish itself as one of this year’s star beauty tricks.

@quecolour no-bleach scandi hairline technique #fyp #naturalbrunette #haircolourist ♬ Belong to You – Sabrina Claudio

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