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Need cash fast? Here’s how to get rich by selling pics of your feet

Feet are a sexual fetish, and you can make thousands by selling feet pictures online. Here are some tips on how to do it.

There’s an untapped market that’s a current trend on the interwebs – selling pictures of your feet.

While feet are known as a sexual fetish for many it’s an unspoken in many parts. Content creators are making a killing with the online foot market.

Not to be scoffed at statistics speak of the popularity of the fetish and at the going rate of $5 (R93) to $1000 (about R18 673.20) per photo, a foot photo seller can easily get $5 000 (about R93 365.99) per month on the right platform. 

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According to the National Post, celebrities like Barbie actress Margot Robbie have been offered close to £250 000 (about R 5 911.80) for her foot images by a creator named Liz from ‘Fun with Feet’.

Real Housewives of Miami cast member Lara Pippen admitted on Bravo TV that selling foot images and videos on Only Fans has earned her substantial money.

Daily Mail UK reported that comedian Ash Willaims said he has made money from his feet from people who couldn’t resist paying for pictures, earning him the nickname of ‘Foot king’. 

Although he’s made it a laughing matter, it’s a booming industry with regular customers.

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How do you know if your feet will earn you money?

Like modelling, the more mannequin-like your feet, the better. Imperfections such as bunions, forms, or dry feet may not get any attention from foot suitors.

Popular feet tend to have well-aligned toes and a good pedicure.

What platforms do people use to sell foot images and videos? 

Only Fans is the online platform of choice as videos are private and content of this nature can get explicit. 

How do you join the foot-selling community? 

According to experts from the website Feet Finder, there are important safety tips you can use to avoid being scammed when selling images of your feet:

1. Don’t give out your details

It’s important to interact with buyers without revealing your real name, address, or contact information.  Buyers might try to get personal details to build trust or form a connection. Remember, no legitimate transaction requires such information.

2. Set clear terms and conditions

On platforms such as Feet Finder you can define your terms. You select what you are comfortable with. This could include the type of material you’re willing to create, pricing, and order turnaround times. They also give you a basis to refuse requests that don’t align with your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to say no. 

3. Avoid falling for unrealistic deals

Many foot-selling sites will present a realistic market with fair prices, but if a buyer offers an abnormally high amount, it’s cause for concern. They can be attempting to dupe you into giving content without payment. Scammers sometimes attract sellers with promises of large returns for little effort. Therefore, it is vital to approach such deals with prudence. Nobody is the golden chalice of feet, so remain alert and keep your expectations realistic. Only send your picture after receiving a payment.

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4. The most important part of the transaction is collecting your money and not getting scammed

One golden rule for selling feet pics is to only deliver uncensored images after receiving payment. This is a critical step toward protecting yourself from potential scams. Platforms such as Feet Finder use a secure payment system, ensuring that payments are completed before submitting your work.

This way, you aren’t stuck waiting for a payment that may never arrive. Scammers may attempt to persuade you to give images before payment by promising to pay later, and they may use convincing language or sob stories. A genuine buyer, on the other hand, will not hesitate to pay in advance. 

Sending uncensored photographs before receiving payment is equivalent to giving your work away for free, which is a risk you do not want to accept. 

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