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PICS: Inside the fashionable world of 21-year-old South African Grammy Award winner, Tyla

Whether she is stepping onto the red carpet or out to see her 'tigers', Tyla's style game is always on point.

At just 21 years old, South African sensation, Tyla, has taken the music world by storm, winning the 2024 Grammy for Best African Music Performance.

With her unique blend of talent, South African slang, charisma, and undeniable style she is a force to be reckoned with.

Not only has she captured the hearts of fans worldwide with her Grammy-winning music, and dancing (she even had President Ramaphosa doing the Water Challenge) but she has also become a fashion icon, known for her impeccable taste and daring fashion choices.

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Tyla’s fashion looks turning heads

We take a closer look at Tyla’s designer fashion outfits that have been turning heads and setting trends.

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From the moment she stepped onto the scene, Tyla has made it clear that she’s not afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion.

With her signature curly locks, at times worn in patterned cornrows or at a soft, shoulder length, she effortlessly pulls off trendy youthful, and avant-garde looks that command attention both on and off the stage.

While making fan appearances at the Mall of Africa for her South African fans, most of whom admitted to bunking varsity lectures to see her, she wore a pink ‘football’ dress showing off her slender toned legs and zebra patterned heels.

One of Tyla’s go-to designers is none other than the iconic Italian fashion house, Versace. Known for its luxurious fabrics, vibrant prints, and daring designs, the clothing brand perfectly complements Tyla’s fearless style.


♬ original sound – Tyla

Whether she’s rocking a figure-hugging mini dress adorned with the brand’s signature Medusa head logo or a daring pantsuit with intricate detailing, she consistently exudes confidence and glamour in Versace.

It’s also important to note that she’s young and with a perfect hourglass waist, which allows her to bare her midriff.


Mamaz has arrived

♬ Truth or Dare – Tyla

She’s been featured in fashion bible Vogue magazine and on numerous other fashion platforms.

But her fashion repertoire doesn’t stop there. She has also been spotted wearing pieces from high-end designers, such as Balmain, Gucci, and Alexander McQueen.

From edgy streetwear looks to elegant red carpet ensembles, Tyla effortlessly transitions between different styles, showcasing her versatility as a fashion icon.

One of the reasons Tyla’s fashion choices resonate so strongly with fans is her commitment to authenticity.

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She’s not afraid to embrace her individuality and express herself through her clothing, setting her apart from the cookie-cutter image often associated with celebrities.

Wearing boots with cargo shorts and a crop top, which would be seen as a fashion no-no, simply work with her risky style.

Whether she’s rocking a bold print, a daring silhouette, or a statement accessory, Tyla’s fashion choices always feel true to her personality and artistic vision.

In addition to her fearless approach to fashion, Tyla also uses her platform to champion diversity and inclusivity within the industry.

As a proud South African woman of mixed heritage, she understands the importance of representation and strives to use her influence to uplift underrepresented voices in fashion, music, and beyond.

@tyla_ This song js growing like crazy, thank you to everyone makinb vids🇿🇦💕 #tylawater ♬ Water – Tyla

Continuing to rise to the top of the music charts as her self-titled album positioned at number one in numerous countries and cementing her status as a budding fashion icon, one thing is clear: she’s just getting started.

With her brazen style and unwavering confidence, she’ll undoubtedly inspire countless people to embrace their uniqueness and express themselves via fashion.

In a world where conformity often reigns supreme, Tyla stands out as a beacon of authenticity, proving that true style knows no bounds.

So, whether she’s gracing the red carpet in a showstopping gown or rocking the stage in a daring ensemble, one thing is for sure: all eyes are on Tyla, and the fashion world can’t get enough.

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