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WATCH: ‘I had to spend money to look like this’ – Thabo Bester complains about court attire restrictions

Bester appeared in court on Wednesday morning.

During his court appearance on Wednesday, convicted murderer and rapist Thabo Bester voiced his frustrations over the limitations imposed on his wardrobe.

Addressing Judge Cagney Musi, Bester said he was forced to wear specific clothing for his court appearances.

“I have been forced to dress like this. These clothes were bought specifically for court. I had to spend money to look like this,” he said.

He said that despite owning various expressive and branded clothing items like Louis Vuitton, he was prohibited from wearing them.

“I have clothes in my bags with various branding and I am not allowed to wear clothes that cost a certain amount. I was told I could not wear clothes like Louis Vuitton because it gave the wrong impression.

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“Now I am being forced to follow laws based on impressions, Your Honour, and this is not just one issue. It’s several matters and issues that affect one person out of 300,000 inmates in South Africa. I feel that it’s unfair,” added Bester.

Meanwhile, Bester’s partner in crime, Nandipha Magudumana, who also appeared in court on Wednesday along with other co-accused, wore a set of Nike gear.

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Social media users have since reacted to Bester’s statements, sharing mixed reactions.

Ndazi tweeted: “He forgot that he is accused of murder. Imagine the Bereng family watching this kind of arrogance. The girls that were raped and murdered. Ja nee, I respect human rights.”

Williams said: “There’s no law that prohibits what brands you can’t wear. They must allow him to wear the clothes he wants as long as it is not prison uniform. It seems those police officers are jealous of him, they’ve been working for years and still, they can’t afford the brands he wears. No man, our government must increase the salaries of our police officers so that they reduce the level of bribes and corruption.”


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