Why it’s time to ditch the straighteners and embrace ‘bedhead hair’

Who would have thought it? Having messy hair - or at least the illusion of it - appears to be the hair trend of the moment. It's even considered sexy!

Whether your night was restless or red-hot, fear not if you didn’t hear that pesky alarm clock that constantly comes to quash any hope of rest. If you habitually spend an hour in front of the mirror getting ready, then stop, now. A touch of texturizing spray, hair oil or wax will do the trick if you’re ready to embrace the hair trend of the moment: ‘bedhead hair.’

When laziness is a trendsetter

As seen in fashion, laziness is proving to be a top trendsetter for 2023, and even seems to be inspiring social network users who now swear by the ‘lucky girl syndrome‘ manifestation method as a means of bringing luck and opportunity their way.

Now, the beauty industry also seems keen to make laziness its new source of inspiration. Indeed, the effortlessly tousled appeal of ‘bedhead hair’ is sure to tick all the boxes for anyone who doesn’t have the time, the inclination, the patience or the energy to take the time to do their hair in the morning.

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The idea is simple. Just imagine how you look when you wake up – or almost. Without going as far as the sleepy eyes and pillow-creased face, it’s all about making the most of the kind of hair you might have when you jump out of bed.

Hair that is subtly tangled, or crumpled by the pillow, slightly wavy or curly depending on your natural texture, and maybe even slightly dishevelled.

Surprising as it may seem, this is exactly what celebrities and social network users are currently in search of.

Witness the choppy bob recently sported by Jenna Ortega, which set Instagram and TikTok on fire. And she isn’t alone. Ashley Benson and Bella Hadid are also among the celebrities who have contributed, whether voluntarily or not, to making this new trend popular.

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Less is more for effortless chic

Anyway, as you’ve probably understood, the ‘bedhead hair’ in question is actually a little more styled than it seems.

It’s really not about going straight from bed to office without a passing glance in the mirror. Instead, the idea is to ditch your straighteners and blow-dryer, and work those pillow-crumpled strands by hand using a spray, oil or wax.

To get this falsely dishevelled look, you need to have a few unruly strands, tousled waves, and even a few flyaways or a hint of frizz, to give the impression that you haven’t bothered doing your hair.

It is – once again – the famous less-is-more principle, between a prevailing attitude of laziness and the turn towards all things natural, which has been setting the tone for beauty trends since the start of the pandemic.

The concept is already attracting a crowd of followers on TikTok, with no less than 280 million views for the #bedhead hashtag.

And if you want to push the inspiration to the limit, opt for a very light-touch makeup look, as if done in a hurry, for an even more chic and sexy look. More than laziness, it is the idea of imperfection that’s taking over as the key theme in this year’s beauty trends.

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