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Adriaan Roets
1 minute read
17 Aug 2016
4:09 pm

How to stay sober without looking like a drag

Adriaan Roets

In most ways, drinking is a social convention.

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Grabbing a drink after work, going to a party or even a boozy brunch – being social means having a drink in your hand. But at times you have to be more virtuous. The beauty of popular drink trends such as cocktails is that for some time now going out doesn’t mean you need a tipple.

I actually discovered the trick of drinking mocktails from friends in the PR industry. See, when they run events with celebrity guestlists, rowdy media and a product to punt, there is no room for error – which means no drinking on the job. Yet, the close bond between journalist and PR, and celebrity PR, means they get ample requests to grab a drink with friends. The solution is to always have a virgin strawberry daiquiri, or a tonic and soda in hand.

While staying dry, to the unsuspecting eye it seems as though everybody is having a drink, which makes for a good event. I’ve started applying this practice at times where I have to drive after the event or need to get up early the next morning (usually to run in a road race where you don’t want last night’s drinks repeating on you) – and I thought I’d share some tips on staying sober without looking like a drag.

It’s also a good way to get out of being the designated driver or drunk friend wrangler – since everyone assumes you’re drinking too.

  • Go to the bar to order your drinks. That way your friends won’t hear you asking for something virgin.
  • The sweeter the drink, the harder to detect there is no alcohol. This comes in handy when everyone wants a taste.
  • Don’t pretend to be tipsy. Your friends know you. Happy not drinking!