Sandisiwe Mbhele
Lifestyle Journalist
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27 Jul 2021
4:31 pm

WATCH: Junk food stored for two years does not go off

Sandisiwe Mbhele

Will you be grabbing that burger and fries after watching this TikTok viral video?

Daughter Elif Kandemir shared the junk food storage on TikTok. Picture: Supplied

A UK mother has taken a not-so-drastic measure by making a TikTok video to bring awareness to how bad junk food is.

TikTok user Elif Kandemir shared a video of her mother’s food cupboard that has food that “never goes off”. The cupboard is filled with pizza, burgers, pies, fries, fried chicken, potatoes chips and sugary treats. Food that apparently 80% of the UK population consumes on a regular basis, the video states.

Kandemier says they did the video to tackle the rise of obesity and her mother is a practising nutritionist.


The video has been viewed more than three million times. People were shocked at how some of this processed food was not rotting at all. The video exposes how unhealthy junk food is, with Kandemier posting follow-up videos after her TikTok video went viral.

She says her mother has been collecting the food for over two years and claims that 80% of people in the UK are now eating this type of diet regularly.

She referenced the BBC documentary, titled What Are We Feeding Our Kids featuring Dr Chris van Tulleken, as he went on a strict junk food diet for a month.

The diet impacted Van Tulleken’s health negatively in many aspects, physically and mentally. MRI scans revealed the poor diet had changed his brain to behave more like a drug or alcohol addict.

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Kandemier does say eating “cheat meals” in moderation is okay but it should not make up the majority of your daily intake.

“My mum is simply trying to encourage people to make better food decisions and live a happier and healthier lifestyle.”