Hein Kaiser
3 minute read
13 Oct 2021
12:00 pm

Streatery – Midrand’s hidden waffle gem

Hein Kaiser

It's a great find for all-day dining. Streatery in Midrand serves up great fare. But importantly, you absolutely have to try the waffles.

All-day dining at Streatery in Midrand. Picture Hein Kaiser

If you don’t know it’s there, you may never find it. Streatery in Midrand’s Waterfall Centre may not be the most visible diner in the city, but it’s one of the best finds in a long time.

Adjacent to Food Lover’s Market in the community centre, the eatery offers an all-day menu that’s not just somewhat different, but the funkily decorated eatery has some great surprises in-store when it comes to your tastebuds. From a simple chicken and mayo sandwich through to more decadent fare, it feels like the local version of the famous Mel’s diner in Los Angeles.

Streatery’s prices are very reasonable, and the menu is a collection of breakfast, all-day dining and interesting indulgences that will tempt you back, likely to order the same dish as the first time, because it’s that good. It’s not pretentious, but it’s intriguing.

Try the breakfast bowls for an early morning adventure with the Egg Zeppelin, a creamy egg frittata with spinach, rocket and what they call crazy feta salad with organic seeds and toast, or the Street Hash comprising fried sweet potato, chorizo, spring onion, chili, peppers and tomato relish. Importantly, the coffee is good, really good. Expect to pay an average of R72 for a breakfast bowl.

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The portions are solid and today we don’t only eat with our eyes first, but we count our pennies when the plate is served up in front of us. And at Streatery you will not feel hard done by with a garnished plate where eatables only make up a small percentage of its surface area.

From being greeted at the door by an enthusiastic server, seated and served, the service is great and not intrusive at all. The graffitied walls on the far end of the store, with booths to boot, adds the Lalaland touch while at the opposite end pastries beckon at its New York-like Danish display. The kitchen is visible from all angles and constantly busy kitchen staff create a vibey atmosphere.

But when dropping by Streatery there’s one section on the menu that’ll make you forget about everything else. It’s not the smoothies or their food-truck toasties, nor is it the fresh fruit and grains selection. Oh no, it’s the waffles and flapjacks. This is where a morning’s dining afterglow is at its best and the portions so decadent it may lead to some heavy fretting as it arrives in front of you.

How could anyone possibly finish a waffle so large and stacked with delicious ingredients? Well, once you get tucked-into your dish don’t be surprised when you try to scrape off the last bit of yum from the plate a few moments later. And for R 62 it’s a bargain.

There’s the honeycomb mascarpone, chocolate, cream, berries and maple syrup version, the streaky bacon, egg, butter and maple syrup on the menu and the incredibly delicious Nutella, coconut flakes and banana toppings amongst others.

Any of these toppings can be ordered with French toast, flapjacks or a waffle. Choose the waffle. It’s large, it’s fluffy and just the right balance between crispy and spongy. Sure, the toppings are fab, but it’s all in the waffle recipe and the way that it’s prepared that creates this simply irresistible and immensely seductive meal.