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2 Aug 2022
4:18 pm

Daily hacks: Three yummy snacks to make using leftovers

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Fridge filled with leftovers packed into containers. Picture: iStock

TikTok is full of tips and tricks for upcycling leftover food into a new dish or a tasty snack without having to spend hours slaving away at the stove.

Here are three waste-saving ideas that are as surprising as they are successful!

Turn Coke into a slushie

You might have heard about using leftover Coca-Cola to strip a pan that’s encrusted with dirt, or even to clean the toilet! But why not consume it instead?

On TikTok, one trick involves putting shaken-up Coke into the freezer for three hours and fifteen minutes, yes, it’s really that precise!

Then, release the pressure, turn the bottle upside down, and you get a refreshingly icy soda slush. 

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Turn pizza into a panini

It can be easy to forget about that slice of pizza wasting away in the refrigerator. And, often there’s not enough left over to make a complete meal.

But – staying with the Italian theme – you can turn a slice of pizza into a panini! Simply cut the leftovers in half, then put each piece together with the topping inside.

Brush with butter and place under a grill or in a sandwich toaster. 

@tasty @jasminebellepak tries out the viral leftover pizza hack from @Eat For Cheap @The Naughty Fork ???? What’s your favorite #pizzahack ? #recipes ♬ original sound – Tasty

Turn leftover fries into a cheesy waffle

Who hasn’t been left with fries on their hands after being unsure how many to order? But, instead of throwing them out, bust out the waffle iron instead!

First, grease the plates. Then, heat up the waffle iron and place the fries directly on top. Sprinkle with cheese and any other ingredients you like (or leftovers from the fridge that are suitable).

Result: the fries get a new lease on life and take on the form of a crispy waffle! 

@myaspirationallife Because more people need to do this! #foodtok #foodhack #easyrecipe #snowstorm #leftovers ♬ original sound – Mandy Maxwell