Daily hacks: Laundry hacks that make doing the washing much easier

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Doing the laundry can sometimes feel like a super tedious task, especially when you have to deal with tough stains or wrinkled and lint-filled clothes.

Laundry day can also take up a lot of your time, because you need to sort your clothes and the clothes of your loved ones in separate batches, and be mindful of clothes that can be easily ruined in the washing machine or tumble dryer if not handled with the necessary care.

Bronwyn Ragavan, brand manager for laundry brand Personal Touch has shared some laundry hacks and tricks which will make washing your clothes a much simpler task


Chalk is extremely absorbent, and can be used to absorb an grease or oil from your kitchen wash cloths or clothes.

Simply rub a chalk stick onto the oil stain, leave it in for some time to absorb the oil and grease, and then brush it off once it has absorbed the oil and dried out.

If there is still some oil left on the cloth or your clothes, then repeat the trick once more to completely get rid of the oil stain.

White chalk for a chalk board. Picture: iStock

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Mesh laundry bag

Have you ever placed multiple complete pairs of socks in the washing machine, but then end up losing some socks to some unexplainable dark whole that may appear in your washing machine during its wash cycles?

You do not have to lose any more socks, as you can now pop them into a laundry bag, and throw that into the washing machine with the rest of your laundry.

This will ensure that your socks are getting washed, but are also kept in a controlled bag to avoid losing them or misplacing them during wash cycles.

The laundry bag can be used for other smaller clothing items such as hankies, panties, and shoe laces.

laundry hacks
Laundry bag that can be used inside a washing machine. Picture: iStock

Ice cube laundry hack

If ironing is one of your most hated and tiresome chores to do in the house, then simply toss a few ice cubes into the washing machine or dryer before staring a new wash cycle with your dirty clothes.

The steam released from the ice cubes will help to de-wrinkle your clothes, making sure that when you pull them out of the washing machine or dryer they can be folded and placed directly into your wardrobe.

ice cubes
Ice cubes. Picture: iStock

Homemade lint roller

If you need to de-lint your clothes before or after washing them, and you cannot find your lint roller or are tired of the one you own, you can simply make a new one.

Just take a paint roller, wrap it in tape with the sticky side facing up, and roll it up and down your clothes to remove all the lint and fluff.

If the tape starts to become less effective, then simply replace it.

laundry hacks
Using a lint roller to remove lint and fluff from a jersey. Picture: iStock

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