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Best wines to pair for Christmas lunch by top sommelier

Wikus Human, Best Wine Sommelier in 2021 has listed the best wines to pair for your Christmas lunch or dinner.

Planning the best Christmas Lunch or dinner can be a tricky and a tall order, however, if your menu is sorted and you looking to pair it with the best wine, why not take suggestions from Best Wine Sommelier in the country, Wikus Human? 

Human was awarded the accolade in 2021, and is the head sommelier for The Marble Group. He has assisted us with his top suggestions for the best wines to pair with your Christmas lunch or dinner menu. 

Best wines to pair with Christmas lunch and dinner

Meat: Gammon

Wine: Red Wine, lighter reds such as Pinot Noir or Cinsault

Reason: Human explains that reds tend to have higher acidity which cut through the richness of the gammon. “Gammon lends itself to white meat, similar to poultry, so you don’t want to overpower the flavour of the meat with the body or tannin of the wine.”

Top sommelier Wikus Human. Picture: Supplied

Wines to choose from: 

Crystallum Petermax Pinot Noir

Waterkloof Seriously Cool Cinsault

Meat: Lamb

Wine: Red Wine, Medium-bodied reds such as Merlot or Syrah.

Why: The top sommelier says medium reds tend to have a medium body and tannin. “Christmas lamb roasts normally differ quite a bit from traditional lamb cutlets as the roast tends to render all the fat.

“An overly heavy wine is not needed to stand up to the fat, opting for a more medium-bodied wine will be much more suitable not to overpower the lamb.

“Because lamb roast tends to have a lot of spices and herbs it can influence the choice of wine, “so medium-bodied, old-world Syrah’s would be a better fit,” Human says.

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