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Joburg voted number 2 in world’s top 12 cities in which to eat out

Joburg tops Time Out's list of top food cities, edging out Cape Town, celebrated for affordability and variety.

The food snobs of Cape Town and the Winelands are going to choke on their Chardonnay, but in a list of the world’s top 12 cities in which to eat – compiled by Time Out magazine – Johannesburg gets the nod over the Mother City.

“To really know a city is to eat its food. But what makes a great food city? It isn’t its number of plaudits and Michelin stars, but something a bit more simple: options,” writes Time Out.

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“Good quality meals at reasonable prices. So we asked thousands of city dwellers to tell us exactly how good – and how affordable – it is to eat out in their hometown right now.”

Asking the locals

Locals were quizzed on their city’s must-visit restaurants, must-eat dishes and best-value bites, and were also asked to rate their city’s food scene on both its quality and affordability.

“To create and rank the final list, we narrowed down the selection by excluding cities with lower overall scores and including only the highest-scoring city for each country.”

The magazine then asked its global network of Time Out editors and writers to give the lowdown on what makes their city an exciting dining destination in 2024 and to recommend their favourite places to eat right now. Of course, Time Out knows food.

“We’ve been eating our way around the world’s best cities for decades, reviewing and ranking restaurants to keep our bestof lists as fresh as can be.

“And that world-class curation has since been transformed into bricks-and-mortar spaces – our Time Out Markets, where the best food, drink and cultural experiences all come together under one roof.

“So we turned to the experts – our Time Out Market chefs – to nominate three culinary capitals that deserve a spotlight for their food scenes.”

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Its list, it said, is “a celebration of culinary culture the world over. Whether for high-end fine dining or affordable street eats, these are the very best cities for eating and drinking right now”.

Joburg was voted number two in the world – after Naples in Italy – as a city in which to eat.

“Cape Town might steal the limelight for its international cuisine, but Johannesburg is a worthy rival for the title of South Africa’s food capital.

“From Ethiopian cafes in Little Addis to Nigerian and West African eats in the south of the city, you can eat your way across the continent here – though the majority of locals we surveyed recommended the city’s traditional SA delicacies like the Sowetan kota, bunny chow and mala mogodu.”

Johannesburg food writer Thando Moleketi-Williams says: “If Joburg is the soul of SA, Braamfontein is the pulse of the city. This central neighbourhood is home to some of my favourite places to eat, people-watch and dance, with some of the most innovative ventures combining the forces of food and culture.

“Head to Mamakashaka and Friends on De Beer Street for weekends of wine and hip-hop, cocktails and playlists, a monthly book club and an exciting rotation of food collabs.”

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