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It’s all Fun and Games with The Citizen

“Our brains age just the way our bodies age, but there's a lot that we can do to fight against it and keep ourselves mentally fit," says Small, author of "The Memory Bible" (Hyperion, 2002) and "The Memory Prescription" (Hyperion, 2004).

There are many who highly esteem the cognitive benefits of puzzles, such as crossword puzzles, Sudoku, a Japanese logic puzzle, and logic games, for example chess. Many are the benefits indeed contributed to what some may deem as nothing but a pleasant pastime – from the possibility that it might raise one’s IQ and exercise both sides of the brain, to helping to prevent Alzheimer’s (although this is a debatable point) and increasing creativity and memory.

If you’re a puzzler, riddler, or simply a solver, keep an eye out for The Citizen’s special Fun and Games supplement. From 5 November 2013 until 21 January 2014, we are bringing you a special Fun and Games supplement every Tuesday.

You can look forward to eight pages filled with all kind of activities, from crossword puzzles and chess to sharpen your mental skills and give you a great cognitive workout, to Sudoku, bridge, word magic, puzzles and your favourite cartoons, including Buckles, Baby Blues and Frank & Ernest guaranteed to provide you with hours of fun.

It’s the perfect companion to a lazy Sunday afternoon, or collect them all and keep it for a rainy day. In addition, there will be a weekly Pick n Pay shopping voucher up for grabs.

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