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By Dr Dulcy Rakumakoe

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Dulcy Rakumakoe’s advice on treating elephantiasis

Each week our resident GP, Dr Dulcy Rakumakoe answers your health questions.

Dear Doctor

What causes elephantiasis?

Elephantiasis is an infection caused by parasites which are classified as round worms. These grow and accumulate and eventually cause blockage of the lymphatic system and lead to enlargement of body parts, disability and severe pain. The swelling will usually be seen in your legs and the scrotum. The disease is spread by mosquitoes biting one person and transferring it to the next. These types of infections are mainly found in rural areas. There is medication you can get to prevent this if its a common occurrence in your community. Speak to your pharmacist for more information.

Dear Doctor

My scars become keloids when they heal. I’m scared to have those removed because what if they scar? How do I fix this?

It is possible for your scars to scar again. However, there are some measures you can put in place to prevent this from happening. The levels of success will differ from person to person. Discuss this with your dermatologist, who will assess how severe your case is and be able to advise you accordingly.

About the author:

Dr Dulcy holds a MBBCH degree from Wits University, a diploma in occupational health, a diploma in HIV management, travel medicine diploma, masters of science in sports medicine, and a masters in business administration degree from GIBS  and is here to help! A social entrepreneur with a passion for providing healthcare and wellness solutions for low and middle-income communities in South Africa. Learn more about Dr Dulcy Rakumakoe here.


*Always consult your paediatrician, gynaecologist or health-care provider for all health matters relating to you and your children.

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