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Mpox cases rise to seven, all patients have chronic illnesses

The health departmenreports seven Mpox cases, all with chronic illnesses like HIV. The latest patient is a 39-year-old man from Cape Town.

The Department of Health has noted that all the patients who tested positive for Mpox are living with chronic illnesses such as HIV.

This comes as the department confirmed that the total number of Mpox positive cases increased to seven on Friday afternoon.

On Thursday, the second death linked to the disease was announced.

Patient is male, 39, from Cape Town

The latest case involves a 39-year-old male patient who was admitted on 28 May to a local private health facility in Cape Town. He tested positive for Mpox on Thursday in a private laboratory.

The man presented with extensive lesions, and he is renovascular disease (RVD) positive with unknown CD4.

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Similar to case number six, the most recent patient gave Northcliff, Johannesburg, as his residential address.

“The Department of Health urges all people taking medication for any health condition to adhere to treatment as per the guidance of the healthcare provider to minimise the risk of serious health complications in case they contract Mpox and other diseases,” department spokesperson Foster Mohale said.

Cases linked to people living with chronic illnesses

With all the cases linked to people living with chronic illnesses, the department said this suggests a high probability of being immunocompromised unless adherent to prescribed treatment.

“Treatment adherence can prevent new or worsening health problems, and failure to adhere to your prescriptions can negatively impact the quality of your life,” Mohale said.

Meanwhile, the department will also be receiving tecovirimat, a medication that has been shown to be helpful in preventing Mpox-related morbidity and mortality, particularly when started within a few days of incubation and diagnosis.

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The health department said that in order to determine the disease’s prevalence and provide the public with the knowledge they need to make educated health decisions, it is collaborating closely with other stakeholders and will carry on with surveillance, contract tracing, and health education initiatives across the nation.

“The effectiveness of contract tracing and case finding depends on the cooperation and accuracy of information provided by both confirmed and suspected cases,” Mohale said.

Mpox symptoms

Here are some of the common symptoms of Mpox:

  • A rash that may last for two to four weeks
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Muscle aches
  • Back pain
  • Low energy
  • Swollen glands (lymph nodes)

According to the department, the painful rash looks like blisters or sores and can affect the face, palms of the hands, soles of the feet, groin, genital and/or anal regions.

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