Arthur Goldstuck
3 minute read
27 Jul 2022
6:00 pm

REVIEW: The new Logitech Signature M650 mouse

Arthur Goldstuck

The M650 is a productivity powerhouse, with several smart features to make it easier to use, and more appealing in the gaming space.

Picture: Signature M650 Off White, Graphite and Rose

What is it? The mouse that roared was the name of both a satirical ’50s movie about a bizarre invasion of the US, and a non-fiction book about Mickey Mouse symbolising America’s cultural conquest of the rest of the world.

On a far more everyday level, however, the phrase also captures the invasion of the first accessory that shared desk space with computers – not to mention the noise of the mouse clicks.

Astonishingly, long after trackpads were built into keyboards, the mouse is still getting upgrades to make it more functional.

Is there still room for mouse innovation? The new Logitech Signature M650 mouse suggests that there is always a place for a better mouse.

The M650 is a productivity powerhouse, with several smart features to make it easier to use, and more appealing in the working or gaming space.

For one thing, “clicking” on the mouse is a bit of a misnomer: this mouse barely produces a click sound.

Thanks to Logitech’s SilentTouch technology, sound produced from a click is reduced by 90%. In office environments, this makes the mouse quieter than a typical keyboard.

The mouse that whispers may be a better description for this device. Its stand-out feature is SmartWheel scrolling, which adjusts how much precision a user needs when scrolling.

When scrolling slowly, one gets line-by-line precision.

When scrolling quickly, the mouse helps jump through several pages.

The M650 offers multiple ways to connect, whether on a laptop, desktop, or tablet.

It comes with an embedded Logi Bolt USB receiver, but Bluetooth Low Energy is also an option for users who don’t want to have mouse dongles sticking out of their computers.

In tests run by my colleague Bryan Turner, the M650 worked with Windows and Linux PCs, Macs, Android tablets, and iPads.

Picture: iStock
Logitech m650I wireless mouse

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Two customisable side buttons are configurable via the Logitech Options+ app for Windows and macOS.

In our tests, we configured the one to be copy and the other to be paste.

These functions turned out to be extremely convenient for fast document and spreadsheet editing. Lefties and large-handed users can also experience this comfort with the M650 L Left and M650 L variants.

One downside is that it runs on batteries, but this comes with two positives: an AA battery is included; and Logitech promises that it lasts for up to two years.

It does advise that battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions.

The mouse is comfortable overall, with a great contour, soft thumb area, and rubber side grips.

The four pads on the underside facilitate an even glide over both smooth and slightly roughened surfaces like wood.

What does it cost?

R655 on Takealot.

Why should you care?

If you’re looking for a quiet mouse that doesn’t require a dongle sticking out the side of a computer, this is the answer.

What are the biggest negatives?

  • No rechargeable battery – it takes one AA battery, but it offers decent battery life.
  • No tablet/Linux support for the side buttons.

What are the biggest positives?

  • It provides options for both Bluetooth and USB connectivity. The SmartWheel makes navigation much faster and intuitive.

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