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Indie giants collide: ‘Don’t Starve Together’ meets ‘Cult of the Lamb’

Two gaming worlds merged! 'Don't Starve Together' and 'Cult of Lamb' officers a unique (albeit disturbing) crossover experience.

Two powerhouse fan-favourite games, Cult of the Lamb and Don’t Starve Together, have joined forces!

It’s the best collaboration since Mario and Sonic put their differences aside and went to the Olympics together, way back in 2007.

And the best part about the Don’t Starve The Lamb collab? (Just trying it out, don’t hate me…)

Gamers can indulge in this fresh content across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC immediately. As in right now. On Steam, it’s currently marked down 45% – from R330.00 to R181.95.

But finish reading this article please, before you rush off into this new and exciting fresh hell…

Also, huddle around for a quick sidebar chat here. I need to get this off my chest and heal from the trauma…

The hell of ‘Don’t Starve’

I’ve spent countless hours fumbling in the unforgiving wilderness of ‘Don’t Starve’ since its release in 2013, so it goes without saying that I’m excited by this development.

That said, I still vividly recall all those heart-wrenching moments when the thermal stone turns cold and the encroaching darkness looms, desolate and miles from the nearest campfire.

I don’t even want to go into detail about how long it took me to survive my first Don’t Starve-winter. It’s embarrassing, really.

And for those who haven’t experienced these frustrating layers of hell, it’s an emotion that’s hard to convey.

On another note, while ‘Cult of the Lamb’ hasn’t been my go-to game, Player 2 can’t stop raving about it, so there’s that. Finally the best of both worlds for us.

Okay, rant over. Moving on…

The teams behind the games have also hinted at a major content update for Cult of the Lamb on the horizon.

Furthermore, Don’t Starve Together enthusiasts can anticipate additional content as part of the ongoing “From Beyond” narrative arc.

How the merger will work:

The merger will imbue each game with fresh content, drawing inspiration from both worlds.

And the highlight seems to be the introduction of a new game mode for Cult of the Lamb, called ‘Penitence Mode’.

This, coupled with the challenging realm of Don’t Starve Together, will only intensify the already-soul-destroying survival elements.

See how nicely the Don’t Starve landscape fits in with Cult Of The Lamb, since ‘Penitence Mode’ will compel the main lamb character to fend for both itself and its cult followers.

Blurring the lines

You will also find elements from both games in the other, blurring the lines between their universes.

For example, embellish your Cult of the Lamb environment with iconic Don’t Starve elements. Pig heads on sticks, anyone?

And Don’t Starve players can go wild with new skins and decorations originating from the Cult Of The Lamb universe.

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Webber in ‘Cult Of The Lamb’

Oh! There’s also a crossover portal of sorts to usher characters between games. Webber from Don’t Starve’s Reign of Giants is now an unlockable cult member in Cult of the Lamb.

He’s equipped with a hunger-resistant trait — a nifty perk when rationing food.

Meanwhile, the Ewelets (the baby versions of Ewecus) from Don’t Starve will sport fresh, lamb-inspired attire and designs.

The fusion. It’s beautiful.

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