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By Tracy Lee Stark

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Watch: Luxury nougat brand collaborates with Naqiyah Mayat on Eid-inspired nougat flavour

This collaboration between 1701 and Naqiyah Mayat was an alignment which proved to be the perfect marriage.

1701 has continued to honour the essence of that original gift in their family kitchen through a creative and innovative collaboration with cookbook author and digital content creator, Naqiyah Mayat.

The result is in an Eid-inspired nougat flavour which celebrates the legacy flavours of Sesame Halva and Almonds.

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This collaboration between 1701 and Naqiyah Mayat was an alignment which proved to be the perfect marriage between innovative thinking and creativity in the luxury product realm; with consideration given to 1701’s ethos that there is nothing more important than showing someone what they mean to you through an honest expression of your feelings.

Everything 1701 does, from the way they create their confectionery, through to packaging and the experience you have when you untie their signature ribbon, is inspired by and centred around this ideal.

1701 Founder, Nick Scher said, “1701 aspires to be a global brand based on the authenticity of its history and the passion of its creators. Our heart is in nougat and our soul is in giving. We want our 1701 experience to be nothing short of extraordinary.” This extends to the people we choose to collaborate with and our collaboration with Naqiyah echoes this ideal.

Naqiyah Mayat is a connoisseur of luxury, elegance and beauty whose lifestyle brand is built around a philosophy of sophistication and aspiration.

This digital content creator is not only a wife and mother of four but is a sought-after tastemaker in the Indian and Muslim communities and a style force to be reckoned with. Offering her view on curating this Eid-inspired nougat with 1701, Naqiyah had this to say: “My insights stem from the duality of cultures I embody which in turn influence my unique take on food, travel, fashion and lifestyle. A family and lifestyle narrative is always top of mind and I consciously work towards ensuring it is included in my digital and master brand strategy. This collaboration with 1701 checked all those boxes for me.”

The launch was held at LeParc at Hyde Park Corner

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