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19 Sep 2018
3:09 pm

Is your home ready for the fun times?


What better way to enjoy the emerging summer days than by entertaining and showing off your lovely home?

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It’s out with the old and in with the new this season. Now that we’re putting our thick coats and heavy blankets into storage, it’s finally time to make the most of the warmer months again.

Spring is an exciting season to feel alive, more so with the flowers blooming and the sun shining warmer and brighter. What better way to enjoy the emerging summer days than by entertaining and showing off your lovely home, more so now that the first rains have fallen?

While giving your home that extra spring in its step, you could possibly come across some new items you may have forgotten to add to your home insurance policy – another opportunity for you to spring clean your insurance.

Here’s how you can get your home ready for the fun times:

  • Get scrubbing – a good scrub is always a good idea to prepare your home for the new season. Inspect each area/room in your home and take stock of the work that needs to be done. Do you need to call in the professionals or can you DIY? If you’ve decided to DIY, scrub the walls, chairs and windows to give your home a fresh, clean look and smell.
  • Bring out the green fingers – nothing turns a house into a home like beautiful plants and the refreshing smell of nature. Whether you have a gardenor are reliant on your balcony and window sills to bring a little nature into your home, you can still bring out the greenery. Decorate your pot plants to compliment your home and bring the freshness of the spring season into your home.
  • Spray the freshness in – whether it’s an old wooden bedside table, your coat hanger or the garden table – don’t be shy to spray your way to a fresh change. Get your hands on some cleaning spray to deal with the dust or spray paint your way to new furniture (well, new-looking furniture). Remember to choose paint that is long-lasting and colours will work with the rest of your home!
  • Ready to braai? – What’s spring without a couple of friends to chill with around a braai stand? Don’t find yourself unprepared when those “unplanned” braais or pool parties happen at your place. Get your braai area cleaned up and refurbished if needs be as there’s nothing worse than meat tasting like last season.
  • Light it up – the important thing about entertaining is having a space that complements your warm welcoming smile. Make your home bright and embracing by adding creative images and wall papers or creative lighting. Lighting and imagery have a huge effect on the way people respond to their surroundings, so you can consider using solar lightingto illuminate your home and make it suitable in the sunny seasons.
  • Get that pool sparkling – spring came bursting with heat, we can only imagine what the summer will be like… so a pool time is a must! Whether with friends or alone, you may want to stay refreshed by taking some time off to enjoy the pool and cool off from the heat. Seasons can be harsh on our pools, so before you get ready to dive in make sure that the pool has been thoroughly and is ready to keep you cool.
  • Waterproof your home – if you want to enjoy the sunshine and rainbow, you need to prepare for the storm too. While checking everything else around the house, don’t forget to check that it can stand the rain. Get on the roof and check for leaks, inspect your drainage systems and other areas where cracks could be waiting to let water in.

There are loads of activities that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home this season. While working to get your home entertainment ready, remember to also check that your home and all its contents are adequately covered. Check your home insurance and make sure that your braai area and garden equipment are covered. Parking your car at your home means that being covered for car insurancee is just as essential in the unfortunate event of an accident or if it gets stolen.