Danielle Garrett
1 minute read
13 May 2019
4:38 pm

Take care to use a warm water bottle safely this winter

Danielle Garrett

A recent incident where a girl sustained third-degree burns after accidentally sitting on a hot water bottle highlighted the need to raise awareness.

File image: iStock

National burn awareness week took place from May 3 to 9, and if you’re planning on using a warm water bottle for either your child or yourself, consider these tips on how to use these bottles in the safest manner, courtesy of Centurion Rekord.

ER24 emergency service recently brought awareness to national burn awareness week by spreading the word about little Minke Botha from Cape Town, who sustained third-degree burns on 10 percent of her body.

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Minke had accidentally sat on a warm water bottle, which burned her body so severely that she had to be admitted to hospital.

“Burns can be very serious in both children and adults,” says ER24’s communications officer Russel Meiring.

“However, young children are more likely to sustain burn wounds, as they are more accident-prone and do not understand the safety aspect regarding fire, electrical appliances or hot water.”

According to Annerie du Plooy form the Hero Burn Foundation, winter was the time many people got seriously injured when trying to stay warm.

Consider these tips on how to use a warm water bottle safely and effectively in order to avoid getting hurt:

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