Adriaan Roets
11 minute read
13 Mar 2020
5:29 pm

Church of Satan now up and running in SA …. and serving koeksisters

Adriaan Roets

SA's first registered Satanic Church keeps it traditional when it comes to snacks - but challenges concepts on all other fronts. We interview the church's founders in the country.

Illustration of the Sabbatic Goat drawn by Eliphas Levi in 1854. It was published in May 1884 in the monthly magazine "Paris illustré" to illustrate an article about occultism.

It was the staple at the church I was baptised in. After Bible study or a women's meeting, or just a good long service, the Ricoffy tin gets dusted off in the community hall. The foil is taken off the souttertjies and koeksisters. It's common hospitality at the church after all. For years the koeksister was one of the cornerstones of Afrikaner identity, baked by the thousands to raise funds for Churches and school. Even more sombre events like funerals still end with the obligatory koeksister. Sometimes even that really tangy Ceres concentrate juice, which gets mixed in old jugs...