Ludwig Taschner
3 minute read
17 May 2020
8:42 am

Roses and vegetables are compatible companions

Ludwig Taschner

Don’t plant larger vegetables too close to the rose because there needs to be space for water and fertiliser to reach the roots.

Picture: iStock

I keep on hearing that gardeners are digging out their flowers in favour of vegetables. But it is not an either-or-option: you can have both – food for the body (veggies) and food for the soul (flowers). In French kitchen gardens, flowers, including roses, have always been combined with vegetables and herbs in a productive and companionable mix. It makes sense because rose blooms attract pollinators, especially bees, which are necessary for vegetables. Roses and vegetables share the same growing requirements – full sun, shelter from strong, cold winds and level, fertile soil that drains well. Raised beds are particularly...