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18 May 2020
12:37 pm

Four Instagram accounts for plant lovers


Pampa is a crack team of Parisian florists who like to say it with colour.

Sansevieria plants. Picture: iStock

Trusty companions for many during the lockdown, indoor and outdoor plants also have a presence on social networks, where certain accounts offer a treasure trove of inspiration.

Here is a list of four Instagram accounts that show how to bring the wild glory of nature to your window boxes and into your living room.


In the United Kingdom, decorators Rose and Caro have set themselves the task of transforming London interiors with a purifying avalanche of greenery.

The two trowel-wielding wizards have also shared their advice in a couple of books including the much-noted House of Plants: Living with Succulents, Air Plants and Cacti.

Their Instagram account is a mine of inspiration, projects and tips for those of us who may not have been blessed with green fingers.


Pampa creates with flowers what feel-good movies bring to the cinema.

In their battle with dreary living space, the weapon of choice for this crack team of Parisian florists is colour. Imagine salvos of glorious colour and cascades of colour, which could not be more welcome in these gloomy times.

They also have dried flowers and a range of decorative objects that complement the exuberant and multicoloured world they bring to life with plants.


Calling the shots on this account are Igor Josifovic in Munich and Judith de Graaf in Paris, two plant-obsessed bloggers who have come together from both sides of the Rhine to sing the praises of chlorophyll-loaded living spaces.

The duo have also immortalised their wisdom in book form with Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants and more recently Plant Tribe: Living Happily Ever After with Plants.


Another joyful source of colour is American pot maker Hello Happy Plants, which offers a wide range of cement “plant homes” that are crafted to resemble other everyday objects. Without a doubt, our favourite is this pot designed to mimic a disposable coffee cup.

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