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28 Jul 2021
9:23 am

10 secrets for saving time and money when organising your home

Renate Engelbrecht

Save time and money amidst keeping your home organised, home schooling the kids and keeping your family fed.

Save time and money while also keeping your home organised. Picture: iStock

Working from home has its perks like being able to get up half an hour before you need to start working, saving on fuel and wearing sweatpants all day, but it also comes with challenges like having to work a nine-hour day while preparing three family-sized meals, getting house chores done and homeschooling the kids every day.

Routine and planning have therefore become necessary in order to stay sane. Here are some ways in which you can save time and money when organising your home.

Have a cleaning plan in place

Creating a cleaning plan for the day might give you a good head start in organising your home. Think logically and plan ahead by letting cereal-crusted bowls and oily baking trays soak in hot lemon water before starting with the dishes. You can even let this soak overnight.

Cleaning hard-working appliances like the microwave can also be a daunting task. It might be a good idea to invest in an LG NeoChef for your kitchen. Apart from its 9-in-1 functionality, it has an anti-bacterial interior coating, which makes cleaning it rather quick and painless.

Set a routine for the week

Having a list of things to tick off every week helps you to stay focused and get everything done. Change the bedsheets every Sunday and clean the fridge every Wednesday for example.

Weekly routine for a organised home
Have a weekly routine to save time and money. Picture: iStock


A decluttered home means fewer things to clean. Also, as you declutter, you’ll probably find items that you might be able to donate to a charity that might be able to find a better use for it or items that you can sell like previously loved clothing items that can be sold at thrift stores, making you some extra money.

Wash smarter, not harder

For a speedy laundry alternative, opt for an intelligent washer that detects load weight and fabric softness and choosing the optimum cycle for the load. Something like LG’s Vivace AI DD Front Loader could save a lot of energy and time.

Do things while you wait for other things

While you’re waiting for the microwave, put away the kids’ toys that are lying around on the kitchen floor. While you’re waiting for a tumble dryer, start making dinner for so long.

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Tidy as you go

Organising your home might be less intimidating when you commit to cleaning as you go. Make the bed in the morning, wipe the counter after breakfast, and fold the washing while watching a movie. Make tidying up part of your lifestyle and teach the family to do the same.  

Keep things low maintenance

If you are in the market for a new couch or a slight refurb, opt for low maintenance fabrics, colours and finishes. Choose a fabric that can be wiped clean easily and choose a finish that doesn’t have to be cleaned or polished every week.

Always have eggs and puff pastry in your home

Eggs and puff pastry are the best when it comes to leftovers cluttering your fridge. Save time and money by combining the leftover vegetables in the fridge and making a delicious quiche for dinner. Or, use the weekend’s slow-cooked meat and bake a pie.

Eggs and puff pastry
Always have eggs and puff pastry at hand. Picture: iStock

Invest in a slow cooker

Speaking of slow-cooked meat, investing in a slow cooker will save time and money in a big way when it comes to making dinner. It will pay itself off in no time! You can get a Russel Hobbs slow cooker for R729 on Takealot.

Grab the pruning scissors

While you’re walking around the house with the kids, take the pruning scissors along and prune the roses, cut off dead leaves or plant a spekboom while they spend the last few minutes outside before dinner time.

This way you get to benefit from the day’s last bit of vitamin D while also keeping the garden maintained and prepping it for spring.