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11 Aug 2021
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Tips to transform from nursery to toddler room

Renate Engelbrecht

Some clever home hacks to easily transform the nursery you’ve nurtured for so long into a toddler room.

Home hacks for transforming the nursery into a toddler room. Image: iStock

When you were planning your nursery, did you ever think about how you would transform the room into a toddler room at a later stage?

For many moms, the nesting phase is largely about ensuring that the nursery consists of everything your baby might need, but what about two or three years down the line?

No first-time mom realises how quickly those two or three years go by until they do, and then transforming the nursery into a toddler’s room overnight might pose a daunting task.

As much as babies are dependent, toddlers are curious, energetic and playful and they need a safe environment in which they can be themselves.

Their rooms must, of course, also encourage sleep, which is why it is important to consider your child’s personality and traits, and customise the transformation of the nursery into a toddler room according to their needs.

Here are some tips and tricks to transform the nursery into a toddler room without too much fuss:

Clever bed buys

The first and foremost of home hacks when transforming the nursery into a toddler room is to buy in a clever way.

When you initially buy furniture and other items for the nursery, purchase things you can keep using elsewhere in your home when the children grow up.

Buying a crib that can transform into a toddler bed and later into a daybed would be a very clever buy, and could save you a lot of money down the line.

If you don’t have a crib that can be transformed into a toddler bed, you need to consider whether you’re going to buy an actual toddler bed (with a toddler rail), or if you’re going to upgrade your toddler to a real ‘big kid’ bed.

Keep away from bunk beds for toddlers as they pose two dangers: the child on top can fall off and the child on the bottom bed can get hurt if the top part of the bunk bed collapses.

It is recommended that bunk beds only be used for children over the age of six.

Clever bed buys
Clever bed buys for a toddler room. Image: iStock

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Keep the room distraction-free

If there are a specific group of people in this life who truly suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), it’s toddlers.

Keeping the room distraction-free by removing most of the soft toys and replacing it with a nice book stand and a teddy on the bed might help them fall asleep a little easier at night.

As your toddler is now able to move around the house more freely, there is no need to keep all the toys in the room. Rather opt for an exciting playroom (if you have space) instead.

Streamlining the toys in your toddler’s room might also help in keeping the mess to a minimum and it allows your toddler to have easier access to toy favourites.

Classic colours and themes

Yes, part of becoming a new mom is the excitement of choosing the perfect theme for the nursery.

You might want to keep in mind, though that the room will grow with the child, and therefore choosing a theme and wall colours that can be changed slightly to fit your child’s age and interests might save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

One of the best home hacks for transforming the nursery into a toddler room is to opt for neutral wall colours that don’t have to change as the child grows up.

Rather bring in your toddler’s favourite colours with items like scatter cushions, toys and rugs. Also, choose a theme that will be relevant to the child even at 5 years of age, and keep theme-specific items to a minimum to make changing the room a little easier and less costly.

And, yes, it is a good idea to include your toddler in the design and planning process of the room.

Let them browse images and pick colours during the planning process, and let them get their hands dirty during the fun revamp process. This will not only give them ownership in the room, but it might also help them to get excited about the transition.

Nursery breakables are a no-no for toddlers

You might have had a couple of decorative items that made the nursery both your and your baby’s oasis.

These items might have to go – especially if they are breakable and special – when your child is more mobile and capable of climbing onto and jumping off things.

A toddler’s room should be a safe space for the child to spend time in, and not a room which you would want to keep them away from, as you are afraid they might break something.

A toddler room should be a safe space
A toddler room should be a safe space. Image: iStock

Cosy spots

Speaking of safe spaces, creating a cosy spot with the help of a soft rug and a tepee tent, for example, is a great idea.

Like adults, toddlers also often need a quiet spot where they can just be with themselves and regroup.

Growing up is hard work, and they can often feel a little overwhelmed or overstimulated. A cosy spot in their own toddler room might make them feel safe and secure in a world filled with constant learnings.

Teepee tent for toddler room
Teepee tent for a toddler room. Image: iStock

Less is more in a toddler room

When it comes to themes, less is definitely more.

If your toddler chooses Frozen as the room’s theme, be creative about including the theme by putting some of your child’s favourite Frozen images into frames, rather than buying bedding covered in Olafs, Elsas and snowflakes.

Toddlers’ favourite themes are often just a phase, and you might have to change the theme within six months of transforming the room in any case. That is why it is a good idea to keep theme-based items to a minimum.

Toddler room accents

Another one of our favourite home hacks is to use wallpaper for an accent wall.

Include a fun, bold print and give the room some style with peel and stick wallpaper that is definitely a smart and convenient home hack for transforming a nursery into a toddler room.