Renate Engelbrecht
Content producer
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9 Sep 2021
4:27 pm

PICS: Inside actress Rolanda Marais’ stunning home

Renate Engelbrecht

Afrikaans actress Rolanda Marais has fans gobsmacked with her home’s tasteful, vintage interiors. Get the look for your home with these easy tips.

Rolanda Marais in her mid-century modern home. Picture: Instagram

South African celebrity and Binnelanders actress Rolanda Marais is not only a vintage muse when it comes to personal style, her home also oozes with vintage flair, inspiring followers and fans to recreate and redecorate their homes with furniture, scatters and textures that would make you feel like you were living in yesteryear.

The celeb has a passion for plants, antiques and local design and she has combined these to create a beautiful home for herself and her family.

Turn your home office into a piece of art

There’s no better way to bring some colour into your home office than with some funky wallpaper. And, who doesn’t need some colour in their home office these days? Throw in a simple, elegant desk and a comfy chair, and Bob’s your uncle.

Make the dining table your home’s epicentre

The dining room is often seen as the one room where the family comes together, whether it’s for dining or for boardgames. Rolanda Marais’ Houtlander dining table does the trick and is perfectly accentuated with a number of indoor plants and large windows.

Welcome natural light

Speaking of large windows, the actress often shares photos that showcase her home’s large, often floor-to-ceiling windows, which allows ample natural light. Even the entrance to her home has been designed and crafter in such a way that it allows the last rays of the day to enter freely.

Add a dash of colour

Who wants a red front door, if they could have a pink one? The Binnelanders actress’ home is filled with vintage furniture and art that has been accentuated with a dash of colour, including a leather couch with a royal blue seat, completed with a couple of arty scatter cushions. You’ll also spot various colourful rugs and paintings all through her home, effortlessly complementing her personal style.

A kitchen with clout

There is no reason for a kitchen not to make a statement. The actress’ kitchen is all but dull, with blue cupboards below, with the colour being pulled through in the form of a tea pot on the counter and a rug on the floor. Some additional colour has been added with a pink coffee machine, colourful pot plants and the odd artwork here and there.

Take it outside

With South Africa’s lovely weather, especially this time of the year, it’s only natural that we want to be outside.

Marais has tailored her home for exactly that purpose, with a lovely deck where she and her family can lounge around all day (if time allows). She added some African textures and scatters in various shapes and sizes to the wooden seats, and a bohemian swing that calls for cocktails!

Books and plants

Nothing says vintage like old books and indoor plants in pastel pots. When you visit your local market next, keep an eye out for old encyclopaedias that might fit into that stand-alone bookshelf you’ve been meaning to get rid of for so long. Add a dash of colour with a vintage pot or two with some Monsteras and you’ll be amazed at the warmth it brings into your home.

Warmth with wood

From wooden ceilings to wooden doors to wooden window frames to wooden furniture – wood brings life and warmth to Marais’ home in many ways. Even her colourful kitchen has wooden ceilings.

Wonky wonders

Marais is certainly not afraid of picking up a paintbrush. In fact, she uses her daughter’s wall art as an excuse and inspiration to freely paint large, pink and green wonky circles on their home’s indoor walls.  

Marais calls her home a mid-century modern home and by the looks of things, she enjoys decorating so much that it will always be a work in progress.