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2 Nov 2021
5:15 pm

Daily hacks: Simple DIY tips to create your own stylish tables

Lerato Maimela

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A blue and white stylish side table. Picture: iStock

Redecorating and furnishing your home can get very exciting if you want to mix things up in your personal spaces and embrace a sense of change, but buying new furniture can be very costly.

If you have some extra time on your hands or can make time during your busy schedule, then you can try to create these cool and trendy DIY tables which you can display in any room in your home.

Laundry basket

Carolina Mccauley creates her cute DIY table hack making use of an old wooden laundry hamper or basket.

In the video, Carolina takes her laundry basket, removes the laundry bag or sheet that is inside the basket, and then flips the basket over so that the bottom side of the basket is facing upwards.

She then takes super strong glue and smears it all over the bottom part of her laundry basket, and then finally places a perfectly round wooden piece onto the glue and the basket to create the top surface of her DIY table.

She then decorates her DIY table with a candle and a small pot plant and places the table next to her couch in her home.

@carolina.mccauley This is my favourite furniture hack of all time. #kmarthacks #homedecor #MyOrder ♬ Overwhelmed – Royal & the Serpent

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Basket and chopping board

Alicia has shared her easy DIY hack to create a cute small table which she uses as a coffee table in the lounge of her home.

She begins the video by heading over to the store to buy a normal basket that can be used to store almost anything.

She also purchased a basic round chopping board that matched the colour of her basket.

At home, she removed the side handles off of the basket, as well as the side handles which were on the chopping board, and then stuck the chopping board onto the bottom side of her basket.

@officially.alicia.p It’s so cute and it was so easy #Ikea #ikeahack #furnituremakeover #furniturehack #sidetable #diy ♬ Buttercup – Jack Stauber

Garden or patio table

Geneva Vanderzeil has shared her hack on how she created her DIY garden table making use of a pot plant.

In the video, she begins by glueing the bottom part of her round and old pot plant. She then takes a round marble piece, and then places it into her pot plant, ensuring that the marble piece gets stuck to the pot plant.

Once she is done, she decorates her DIY table with a pot plant, as well as an empty vase which are both placed on a small tray.

@genevavanderzeil Reply to @jacquedalton easiest coffee table hack #upcycling #hack #upcycle #furnitureflip #upcycledfurniture #alwayslearning ♬ Space Girl – Frances Forever