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Renate Engelbrecht
Content producer
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8 Nov 2021
3:03 pm

Eight fun ways to spruce up your kitchen

Renate Engelbrecht

There might not be much budget for fancy fridges or brand-new kitchen cupboards, but there are many fun ways to spruce up your kitchen in a matter of minutes. Here’s how.

Fun kitchen revamp ideas. Picture: iStock

Paint it pretty

There is nothing like a fresh layer of paint to spruce up your kitchen.

Paint the kitchen cupboards with one of the latest, trendiest kitchen colours and see what a difference it makes to the overall feel of your space.

Paint the kitchen cupboards
Paint the cupboards. Picture: iStock

If a paint layer is not enough, consider changing the cupboard doors or even just the handles for a fresh look.

Have fun with the fridge

Do you have an old fridge that you have no other reason to get rid of other than the fact that it doesn’t look good anymore? Well, no need to chuck it out just yet. Rather give it a new look with some wallpaper that fits in with the rest of your kitchen theme and its colours.

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Kitchen floor fun

Perhaps what your kitchen really needs, is a new floor. Breathe new life into your kitchen space with a smart kitchen floor, like a trendy vinal floor or even a polished concrete floor.

The secret here is to choose a floor that is practical. It needs to be hardwearing and easy to clean, while still offering you the stylish look you’re after.

Kitchen flooring
Choose the right kitchen floor. Picture: iStock

Clever kitchen storage

Nothing makes a space look as revived as a proper decluttering process. Decluttering doesn’t just mean throwing out what you don’t use; it also means finding clever storage solutions for the things that you’re keeping.

Rethink your kitchen's storage
Rethink your kitchen’s storage. Picture: iStock

Clear all the kitchen worktops and sort out the kitchen cupboards. Then, rethink your kitchen’s storage solutions and fit it out with some additional shelving and hanging rails (if needed) in order to keep the counters clean.

Fun features

Whether it’s a colourful feature wall or some special accessories and features like Le Creuset’s new Harry Potter themed casseroles and kettles, spruce up your kitchen with some fun elements to the space that will bring your kitchen’s theme full circle.

Le Creuset Harry Potter
Le Creuset Harry Potter casserole. Picture: iStock

Fabric fun

Have fun with fabrics in your kitchen by replacing old seat cushions with trendy, new ones or by putting up new window blinds that complement the colours of the rest of the kitchen.

Statement kitchen lighting

Lighting forms an important part of your kitchen’s design. Rethinking and redoing the lighting in your kitchen might make the world’s difference, not only when it comes to the look and feel of your kitchen, but also when it comes to the way things are done in and around the kitchen.

There should be task lights over the worktops, halogen bulbs on the extractor and ambient, overhead lighting in the dining area.

Kitchen lighting
Find clever lighting for your kitchen. Picture: iStock

While you’re at it, perhaps see how you can make a statement in the kitchen with your lighting. Some dramatic ceiling lights might just be what your kitchen needs.

Trendy trashcans

We often try to hide the trashcan in the kitchen, but it can actually also be of aesthetic value in the kitchen. Replace the old, plastic trashcan with a trendy, brightly coloured one and see how it makes your kitchen pop.