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26 Nov 2021
5:11 pm

Daily hacks: Tips and tricks to protect your home from rain damage

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Leaking roof. Picture: iStock

The warmer weather may be super exciting with the festive season approaching, but this also means we will be experiencing a lot of rain and gloomy weather.

As calming as some rainy days can be, rain storms can pose a threat to your homes and cause some unimaginable damage to your homes.

These simple hacks and tricks can help you in preventing some major risks from rain storms and ensure that your home is kept safe from any rain damage.

Keep your trees trimmed

Tree branches can cause a threat when it starts to rain heavily as they can be snapped off the tree and pushed into the direction of your car or windows due to the heavy winds.

Fallen tree on the roof after big storm. Picture: iStock

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Check your chimney regularly

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Skilled workman in protective work wear and special uniform install chimney on roof top of new house under construction. Picture: iStock

Check your home’s chimney for gaps and cracks to avoid any rain water from pouring into your home through the chimney. Checking your chimney thoroughly once a year should be sufficient enough.

Check your roof shingles

Closeup of worker hands installing yellow ceramic roofing tiles mounted on wooden boards covering residential building roof under construction. Picture: iStock

Getting up on your roof can be challenging, but if it is possible, then you should check your shingles often to make sure that they have not been damaged, or have not been moved or shifted. These roof tiles protect your roof from the rain, and ensure that no rain damage is caused to your ceiling.

There are three specific shingle damages which you should look out for:

  1. Missing or cracked shingles – If you notice any cracked or missing shingles from your roof, that could be a sign of potential heavy rain damage in the future
  2. Moss on your shingles – moss on your shingles can cause dry rut. When this is combined with heavy rains, this might be a risk to your roof and might cause some rain damage to your roof.
  3. Black grit in your gutters – If you notice a lot of black grit in your gutters, this might be a sign that your shingles are too old and are deteriorating. Consulting a professional would be best.