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10 Jan 2022
4:31 pm

Daily hack: How to remove stubborn oven stains

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Your oven probably did double duty during the festive season, especially if you were hosting your family and friends for parties.

Most of us don’t think of cleaning our ovens right after using them, particularly after cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

While multi-function ovens are great for roasts, grills and bakes, they can be a pain to clean. But holding off cleaning your oven can worsen its condition and how well it works. Over time it will be hard to remove stubborn germs and grime that build up after every usage.

That being said, not all oven cleaner products remove dirt as well as advertised and they can be expensive. One Twitter user, under the username Tanya Junghans, shared that they found a homemade oven cleaner hack on TikTok, that assisted them with their brown streak stains.

How to remove stubborn oven stains:

Tanya shared a step by step process to clean your oven using some available staples in your cupboard.

The first step, soak the oven and oven door in a paste of bicarbonate of soda using about a 1/4 cup and water. Leave for several hours, but it works better overnight. Wet the bicarb layer with water the next day and scrape it off with a scraping tool.

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Then, use a paste cleaner such as CHEMICO or Ha-Ra Blue to take off the remaining marks. Scrape again if necessary until it’s all removed.

After this, clean the oven with warm water and dishwashing soap until it is shiny and spotless. Lastly, an extra tip, Tanya recommends is adding a bit of vinegar to the bicarb the next day for the cleaning process and to wear gloves too.

The bicarbonate method is a popular one on TikTok with several videos demonstrating how one can use it to clean the entire oven.

Compiled by Sandisiwe Mbhele