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2 Jun 2022
4:44 pm

Daily hacks: Four tips for eco-friendly home DIY

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Painting the walls of your home by yourself as a DIY project. Picture: iStock

Redecorating your home is one of the most exciting hobbies to get into, but while you are rethinking your home DIY decor projects it is important to always consider the impact that your home and your lifestyle have on the environment.

These four easy and effective tips can assist in ensuring that your home DIY projects are eco-friendly and promote sustainability.

Make sure your projects are sustainable

When decorating your home, it is important to keep in mind that current trends usually turn out to be tomorrow’s discards.

That is why it is important to focus on sustainable items that will look as good in five years’ time as they do right now.

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Interior design of living room. Picture: iStock

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Materials matter

According to the International Union for Nature Conservation (IUCN), over 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced every year, and 14 million of them end up in our oceans, where they go on to make up 80% of marine debris.

When redecorating your home, make sure that you consciously look out for furniture that has been upholstered in eco-friendly fabric.

A cute dining room set made from eco-friendly materials. Picture: iStock

Start responsibly

When starting off a new home paint project, be thoughtful of how you remove and discard of the old paint from your walls or furniture.

Old paint peelings are often washed into storm water drains, and this can cause harm and danger in the long run. Instead of discarding your peeled off paint, rather collect it into a container, and send it to a paint manufacturer who should be able to get rid of it in a much more responsible manner.

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Removing paint from the floor. Picture: iStock

Remember to recycle

When you have completed your home DIY projects, look out for any materials which you can recycle instead of throw out.

If there are any home decor items or pieces of furniture which you no longer need and cannot sell, then you should consider donating them to your favourite charity, or any charity organisation in your hometown.

Donating your unwanted decor items and furniture keeps them out of landfills and makes sure the circular economy keeps moving.

Donating home decorations to the charity of your choice. Picture: iStock