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Leigh Crymble
2 minute read
12 Sep 2013
6:00 am

The Lo Down: male skincare

Leigh Crymble

"The rise of the metrosexual man" is too much of a cliché for 2013. The fact is that the metro male is no longer on the rise; he has reached the summit of the metro mountain and is now happily residing there.

So, telling you to start taking care of your skin is a call to action you’re probably already actioning.

However, if a quick facewash each morning followed by some moisturiser is your current routine, you need to up your skincare game with a few extra steps. Here’s how. And why.

1. Cleansing

Get yourself a gentle face wash that will remove the dirt and oil that accumulate (causing breakouts) each day. Don’t make the mistake of using harsh body soap on your face as this dries out the skin and removes its natural elasticity.

According to Dr Claudia Aguirre (below), a neuroscientist at The International Dermal Institute, first prize is a facewash that hydrates while it cleanses. Aguirre was recently in South Africa promoting Dermalogica’s new skincare range. She points out that in America alone, $4.8 billion is spent annually on male grooming products so it’s time to take male skincare seriously.


Dr Claudia Aguirre

Dr Claudia Aguirre


2. Shaving

Ensure that you use a quality razor that suits your hair coarseness and skin sensitivity. Avoid razors with multiple blades as these pull the hair too deep below the skin and result in razor burns and ingrown hairs. Another tip is to shave after you’ve had a shower. The warm water and steam make facial hair softer so the shave is less abrasive on the delicate neck and face areas.

3. Moisturising

As men, you produce ten times as much testosterone than women which means higher levels of both collagen and elastin. Because of this, your skin is more capable of retaining moisture, helping to reduce the effects and signs of ageing. However, even though you have your very own in-built moisturiser, don’t skip on the actual product itself. Showering and shaving open up your pores and dehydrate the skin so I recommend moisturising twice a day with a lotion or balm that is quickly absorbed into the skin.

4. Protecting

Most moisturises have SPF cover but if in doubt, apply sunscreen to your neck and face before leaving the house. UV damage from the sun’s rays can result in redness, irritation, the development of sun spots, and add years to your appearance. An SPF of 30 is therefore recommended for our powerful South African sun regardless of the season. Don’t forget your lips, either. Make sure you have a moisturising lip balm that has the all-important SPF cover.

Men’s skincare has come a long way since the days of just soap and after-shave. Be informed about proper skincare and make sure that any skincare regimen you follow fits into your lifestyle.