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R121m Powerball jackpot winner claims prize after partner’s premonition of new house and car

The winner said they will use the money to ensure a stable financial future for their family.

One lucky South African is now R121 million richer after winning the Powerball jackpot.

National Lottery operator Ithuba announced that the Powerball jackpot was finally won after 19 consecutive roll-overs. The total prize money was R121,629,573.01.

Ithuba said the winner spent R45 to buy their tickets online.

‘Dream come true’

The winner said getting all the numbers for the Powerball jackpot was a dream come true – literally.

The winner’s partner said they had a premonition a month before that they would get a new car and house. 

They wrote this down in a notebook but never imagined that it would lead to them being R121 million richer.

Ithuba said the winner will use the money to ensure a stable financial future for their family.

“The winner sees this victory as an opportunity to secure generational wealth and create a lasting legacy for their family.”

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This is apt as the winning numbers came from important dates of loved ones.

“The winning number combination, inspired by significant dates of loved ones, unexpectedly altered their lives, making them R121,629,573.01 richer and placing them among South Africa’s esteemed multimillionaires,” iThuba said. 

“Congratulations to our newest multimillionaire on their journey to newfound wealth,” said Ithuba CEO Charmaine Mabuza. 

Mabuza added that Lotto winners who win more than R50 000 receive free financial and trauma counselling and all winnings are tax-free.

R5 million lotto jackpot unclaimed

The Powerball news comes weeks after Ithuba warned that a winner of the R5 million Lotto jackpot was about to lose their prize.

Ithuba issued a plea hours before the winning ticket was about to expire. The ticket was bought a year before in Brits, North West, on 14 January 2023.

Ituba said nobody had come forward to claim the winnings, despite its media campaigns, appeals on social media and notifications in local outlets.

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