Man confesses to fatally hitting wife with hammer

A man on parole is back in custody after confessing to killing his wife with a hammer in the early hours of Monday.

TONGA – A 55-year-old man reportedly killed his wife with a hammer during an argument early on Monday morning.

The suspect told police that he went to his former house on Sunday evening to confront his wife about a fence she had erected without his knowledge.

The couple was no longer living together.

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He reportedly stood by the gate and called her, then instructed her to follow him to his grandparents’ house to resolve their problems. When they got to the house they argued until late that night, until the 54-year-old woman decided she had had enough and headed back home.

The man followed her, still arguing.

He told police that he then fatally hit her on the head with a hammer he brought from Matsulu, where he currently lives.

He left his wife’s body where she fell and hitchhiked to Kaapmuiden.

According to the suspect, he was going to hand himself over to Barberton prison.

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The suspect came across wardens while waiting for a lift, and told them that he was heading to prison because he had killed his wife.

They accompanied him to Kaapmuiden SAPS and he was then taken to Tonga SAPS where he was charged for murder.

The preliminary investigation revealed that the suspect was on parole for a murder he had committed in 2001.

He was scheduled to appeared in the Nkomazi Magistrate’s Court in Tonga on Wednesday.

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