WATCH: McLovin’ youngsters busted by McDonald’s

The treat forms part of a partnership between McDonald’s Nelspruit and Lowvelder. Each week we choose a class of a local school and bust it with free burgers and juices for lunch.

Laeveld Lollies spoiled with delicious burgers

The Mickey Mouse class at Laerskool Laeveld Lollies loved every moment of their McDonald’s Nelspruit/Lowvelder burger bust on Wednesday.

It was a joyful morning for them to be surprised by the special treat of cheeseburgers and juice. Teacher, Heilize Lombaard, said she nominated her class because they are hard workers. “They love to play and are well behaved,” she said.


Laerskool Bergland shakes it up with the Mcdonald’s burger bust

Laerskool Bergland’s grade 6G class was filled with excitement when the McDonald’s Nelspruit and Lowvelder burger busters walked into their class during English period.

It was thanks to Ethan Esterhuizen’s letter to Lowvelder. He nominated his class to receive the cheeseburgers and juice.



In Ethan’s email he thanked their teacher, “Sir Barry” (Barry Wasserman), for the time and dedication he puts into their class. Ethan also said that their grade 6 class is the best in the Lowveld thanks to all their parents’ efforts.

He said they are a talented bunch of sport and academic pupils who strive to make Sir Barry proud.
In no time the cheeseburgers were all eaten up and a satisfied bunch of grade six learners could not be more grateful to their English teacher.

Klieks Brolé allowed them to eat their treats in the classroom in the middle of class. “I don’t mind the class being interrupted for such a surprise” she said.

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Klein Rondomtalie Kleuterskool-bekkies word plesierig verras

McDonald’s Nelspruit burger bust het Dinsdag die tjokkertjies by Rondomtalie Kleuterskool in West Acres met kaasburgers en sap bederf.

Die klassie van 12 het geweet ‘n verrassing wag op hulle, maar het nie geweet wat nie. Dit het tot ‘n opgewonde gewoel en gekriewel gelei.

Juffrou Trudi Bezuidenhoud het dié klompie vinnig rustiger gekry deur hulle die Speelgoedland-liedjie te laat opvoer.
”As ek maar net vir elkeen van hierdie kinders ‘n speelgoedland kan skep, sal dit my die gelukkigste juffrou in die land maak,” het sy gesê.

Die kleuters het hul burgers en sap onder die afdakkie by hul klas geniet. Na die tyd het hulle dankie gesê vir maatjie Hanandi de Bruin, wat die klas genomineer het vir die burger bust.

Heartfelt letter gets these little ones burgers with love

Uplands Prep’s grade two class’ turn to be busted by Lowvelder and McDonald’s.

With her letter to the newspaper, Nyeleti Mabuza earned a cheeseburger each for her classmates and teacher, Laura Squires.


She wrote: “My name is Nyeleti Mabuza, and I am in Grade 2S. My fabulous teacher’s name is Mrs Squires. She has been a teacher for 25 years.

She entered our class for a class poem at the eisteddfod in August. Grade 2 was the only class in the entire school to do a class poem. She taught us the poem called ‘The Creature in the Classroom’.

It was so much fun that the judge gave our class an A++ (Prestige), the highest you can get, all because my teacher and my classmates worked so hard. They deserve a reward, and I think McDonald’s would be awesome.”

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 How to get busted

If you think your class deserves to be surprised, send Julia Burger your motivation to

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