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The ‘stayers’ are here for good

It’s been a little more than a month since the #ImStaying Facebook group was founded by Jarette Petzer.

MBOMBELA – The currently more than 600 thousand-plus member group has, in a little less than five weeks, become quite the little modern day wolf pack.

The “stayers”, as they refer to themselves, are a tight-knit community, a family of stayers, if you can call it that, who prides themselves on their non-racial values conducive to cohesion and growth.

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Stayers across the country want to meet their fellow #ImStaying followers and are calling on each other to spread the love among all people from different races, classes and social backgrounds.

The following comments popped up on social media:

Nontokozo Mnyambo  from Mbombela was feeling fantastic yesterday and gave a shout out to his follow ‘stayers’: “ ’Maphumalanga’ this is how some of my fellow white brothers and sisters pronounce my province. I’m in the Lowveld, they call it the “Slowveld”, because everything is slow according to the people of Gauteng and other parts of this country, and no, it’s not because of Nyope. We are in real time, for real. Mpumalanga is the place of the rising sun.”

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Winnie Mnisi from Pretoria responded excitedly: “My new family, how I love you guys. I wish we can meet one day and play this game of cooking dishes of different cultures. It is good to be part of South Africans with so much love. Positive minds, with a common goal. Love you guys.”

Graham Barnes from Johannesburg stated emphatically: “Hi fellow citizens, this group is expanding in leaps and bounds, everyone is hyped up and friendly to one another. A question? have you made contact with another person from this family. I would really like to meet people in my area, in order to chat with, to uplift our community. Love you all.”

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