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Body found in a Mashishing hostel

The body of Helman Byzo Oupa Shongwe (26) was found in the ceiling of the CMI Hostel on Saturday, September 11.

Residents of the hostel called the Lydenburg SAPS after they detected a strange smell just after 07:00. Police spokesperson, Capt Kaizer Moela, said the investigation is underway and the post-mortem will reveal the cause of death.

“Upon investigation, we found that Shongwe still had pliers in his hands. His body was next to the main power cable in the ceiling. We suspect Shongwe was electrocuted,” said Moela. The police caution the community that it is dangerous to tamper with live electricity. Several cases of cable theft have been reported to the police. “The public should remember that the cables can shock them and cause death, said Moela.

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