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Jack Russell of a Mbombela family deals with venomous snake

Before a snake catcher could remove the Mozambican spitting cobra from the family’s premises, their brave Jack Russell had its way with it.

Max the Jack Russell terrier is the undisputed hero of the Shongwe family after taking on a venomous Mozambican spitting cobra to defend his humans.

Earlier this month, Thando Shongwe (18) and his cousin were confronted by this cobra that emerged from underneath his mother’s new car.

Upon seeing the big snake, the two cousins got the fright of their lives and quickly ran away to phone Thando’s mum, Kholiwe Shongwe, for help. She was at a church event at the time.

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As soon as they had hung up, Kholiwe immediately tried to get hold of a snake catcher to come to their rescue and remove the cobra from their yard.

During the ensuing commotion, the snake had retreated from underneath the car and slithered to the back of the house. This is where it came face to face with Max.

While the family were waiting for the snake catcher, unaware of the commotion in their backyard, Max and the Mozambican spitting cobra were at each other’s throats, the one trying to scare away and fend off the other.

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Upon the catcher’s arrival, he and the family searched for the cobra underneath the car, without success.

At that time, Max emerged from behind the house, looking very tired, panting and shaking.

Wanele (10), Thando’s younger brother and Max’s owner, came back home from church with his mum. He noticed there were blood stains on his dog’s coat and promptly informed Kholiwe about it.

“Wanele was the first to notice the blood and was so worried and scared,” Kholiwe told Lowvelder.

On further investigation, they noticed that Max’s eyes were swollen and red.

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The Shongwes and the snake catcher proceeded in the direction the Jack Russell had come from and to their surprise, found the snake torn up into two pieces.

Even though Max won the showdown, the spitting cobra had managed to spit some of its venom into Max’s eyes, partially blinding him in the process.

Max was rushed to the West Acres Animal Hospital, where he was tended to by a veterinarian, whose swift response to his injuries saved the dog’s life.

“We were so worried and scared of losing him,” Kholiwe said.

Max the brave little Jack Russell is now recovering at home, receiving care from his family.

His bravery proves once more that dogs are truly a man’s best friend.

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