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Rescue elephant remains on Lowhills despite interdict

Despite an interdict to remove the rescue elephant from the Lowhills farm in the Onderberg, the tenants refuse to do so.

Despite an interdict to have Tswale, the well-known elephant from the Lowhills farm in the Onderberg, removed from the farm, the tenants refuse to do so.

Lowvelder recently reported that the owners of Lowhills farm, Shofeeds (Pty) Ltd in Parys, Free State, approached the high court in the city for an urgent interdict to have the animal removed from the farm.

Tswale is a rescue elephant that has been living on the farm and been used for human interaction for about two years.

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Shofeeds applied for an urgent interdict against Johan Moller, Sonell Joubert, and Conference and Management Solutions CC, who all operate from the farm.

In Shofeeds’ submission to the court, they requested that the animal and his handler, Amos Jivendava, must leave the farm and that no interaction between members of the public and the elephant be allowed.

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They argued that there is the possibility of civil or even criminal liability by the owner of the farm should someone visiting or interacting with Tswale get hurt or even be killed.

A woman with Tswale the elephant. >Photo: Facebook/Tswale Educational Elephant Interactions

The interdict was granted and served on the respondents shortly after the court case.

Stefan Scheepers, the lawyer of the applicants, said on Tuesday that the seven-day period for the respondents to act on the interdict expired last Thursday.

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“As of Tuesday, our information is that they did not adhere to the interdict. The elephant is still on the farm.”

He said his clients are currently investigating further legal steps against the respondents.

Neither Moller nor Joubert responded to numerous requests for comment on why they are ignoring the interdict.

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