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The Alfa Romeo Stelvio has ranked among the most affordable cars to own in the inaugural AA Spare Parts Pricing Guide.

The Alfa Romeo SUV came out tops in both categories in the Executive SUV class, one of only two brands to win multiple segments of the research. The Alfa Romeo Giulia ranked the winner in the 30th and final AA Kinsey Report last year, which also researched parts and service costs across the South African motor industry. The AA’s research shows “that more and more people are keeping their vehicles for longer due to prevailing economic conditions and personal financial circumstances”. Alfa Romeo’s Stelvio has the lowest Rand value of the AA’s parts basket research in the Executive SUV segment. It also features the lowest service costs, proving that it is not only gorgeous to look at and beautiful to drive, it is also cost-effective to own. “We are delighted by this independent recognition of the value for money represented by the Alfa Romeo brand in the South African market,” said Leslie Ramsoomar, managing director of Stellantis South Africa. “Having some of the most affordable parts in the industry make an enormous impact on our dealer network and their ability to service our valued customers in support of our ongoing drive for customer satisfaction.” Source: QuickPic

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