Waste water ‘killing’ Klein Olifants

Adventurers and sport enthusiasts who make use of the mountainous area next to the Klein Olifants River, outside Middelburg, are horrified by the state of the river.

The area is popular with mountain climbers, recreational abseilers, bird watchers and off-road motorbike riders.


A photo taken in 2013.


A group of abseilers were appalled by the stench coming from the river below when they visited the area.

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Geese have no choice but to swim in the water.


The Boskrans sewer plant, servicing the Midddelburg area, have been unable to handle the capacity required off it.



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The sewer plant in 2012, still uncompleted.


Failed upgrades and useless explanations by the Steve Tshwete Municipality has seen the water quality in the river degrade to such an extent that only bacteria can survive in the sludgy water.

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