Single mom of two needs help

Two-year-old Lisa Pretorius is a living miracle.

When she was born on May 23, 2022, her doctors painted a dim picture of her chances of survival.

Born with semi-lobar Holoprosencephaly (an incomplete separation of the two cerebral hemispheres), which has left her in a vegetative state, doctors didn’t expect her to live longer than three weeks.

But despite the grim forecast, Lisa, by some miracle, has survived and is seen as her mother, Tanya’s, little warrior.

Tanya is a single mother of two and cannot afford a medical aid scheme, and at first relied on state hospitals for Lisa’s medical treatment.

“They said she wouldn’t survive after three weeks. When she outlived their expectations, they then said she wouldn’t survive six weeks. It became disheartening to keep hearing my child wouldn’t survive.”

According to Tanya, she was eventually forced to seek private medical care for Lisa’s list of “abnormalities” at great cost.

“Even Dr Derik Bissett told me she wouldn’t outlive 11 months, but Lisa is now two years old!”

While Tanya celebrates every spare second with her warrior child, her condition, however, forced Tanya to leave her job to take care of Lisa full time.

“She can’t sit or crawl, and she will never be able to walk. She suffered seizures, which have since improved under treatment, but her medication costs a fortune, and she can’t keep any food down. That means she needs constant care.”

Tanya also has an 11-year-old son on chronic medication for ADHD.

“The only income I can rely on is the R2 500 maintenance Lisa’s father pays, but it does not cover the full cost of taking care of her.”

To support her two children and earn an income from home, Tanya now plans on selling wood and charcoal from home but needs assistance in buying stock and erecting a Wendy as storage space.

She is appealing to members of the public to assist her in earning an income through donations.

• Should anyone be willing to donate, contact Tanya on 060 934 4532.

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