Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
5 minute read
6 Apr 2020
12:13 pm

America’s most wanted SUVs in South Africa: Part 1

Charl Bosch

With just over 17-million new vehicles sold last year, of which 8.2-million were SUVs, it is not hard to see why the States has become SUV central.

Lincoln Navigator

As much as they have become the bane of many buyers over the years, the facts are undeniable. The SUV, no matter how small or big, has become the modern day family’s preferred choice of vehicle with the added benefit of not being tarmac bound. What’s more, mention the three letters denoting the Sports Utility Vehicle, plus its various sub-divisions, the mind immediately heads across the pond to North America where the initial boom of the late 1980s and especially the early 1990s saw every manufacturer rush to join a section of the market that has frankly become one of...